There are many schools of thought when it comes to what digital marketing truly means.

To us, we think of it as this:

Digital marketing refers to the effective advertising of goods and services through digital channels like search engines, social media, emails, websites and mobile apps.

Some examples include:

Search engines: Google (Which is the most popular and widely used) and Bing.

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Tok.

The key word in our statement is effective. Here’s why…

While most business owners know the importance of digital marketing, there are few who truly utilise the potential of digital marketing to push their products and services. Moreover, as the world is getting even more interconnected, the realisation for the need for digital marketing is spreading. Business owners know that their clients are not just local consumers but possibly the rest of the world. This led to an increase in the number of business owners using, or attempting to use digital marketing to reach out to potential clients.

Many times digital marketing is conflated with online advertising. They are not. Placing your product on a social media platform like Facebook or placing an advertisement on Instagram does not equate to digital marketing. Digital marketing is the process of optimising your marketing strategy. It is the process of helping a business know its audience, learn important data about them and then provide the relevant metrics which can be analysed to tweak the advertising and marketing campaigns to target the right group of audience. The reason why many businesses fail at digital marketing is because they think that all digital marketing is is advertising online. Most business owners want instant results and they used to get it by advertising the traditional way, like placing advertisements on the local newspapers. Instantly, they get customers for the day that they place the advertisements. However, this method of marketing is extremely expensive and it is only effective on the particular day that the advertisement is shown. Digital marketing is something that needs time to fester. The results may not be apparent in the initial months, however, if you stick at it and identify the correct target audience for your business, then you can use this information to advertise on digital platforms more effectively.

The key to good digital marketing? Patience and an experienced digital marketing team…


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